Zhuoer Lin

I am a Ph.D. Candidate in Health Policy and Management (Economics Concentration) at Yale University. My research aims to understand the life course social determinants of cognitive aging and how public policy may intervene to address the racial/ethnic, sociodemographic, and geographic disparities in cognitive health; and to assess the consequences of cognitive aging on health decision-making, behaviors and well-being. I am also interested in studying the health impacts of long-term care and social security programs for older adults, especially those with cognitive impairment or dementia (e.g., ADRD). My research makes use of both nationally representative survey data and administrative data from developed (e.g., US, England, Europe) and developing countries (e.g., China) to understand the leading policy issues in population aging around the world

Research Interests


Ph.D. in Health Policy and Management (Economics), 2024 (Expected)

Yale University

B.A. in Health Policy and Management (with the Highest Honors), 2018

Fudan University

Email: zhuoer.lin@yale.edu